change starts here2Change Starts Here (CSH) is a movement of young people trying to better ourselves as well as the community around us. We discuss the different challenges we face and how to overcome them. The purpose of this site is to share our experiences and propose solutions, to inspire everyone to make change in our world.

From our facilitators:

Our founding youth members are all a part of the Sanctuary of Hope -College I Can Program and workshops are facilitated by Message Media Education, the only Afro-Media training company in the nation. The overarching theme for the program is Civic Engagement & Digital Literacy Leadership and the creation of this website is one of the requirements for completion!

Regarding the experience, this program has allowed students to find positives ways to overcome challenges they face. When asked about his progress since the program began, one student said “I am working on overcoming the issue of trusting people.” This program addressed self-confidence and setting goals. They learned that trusting their abilities will lead to other opportunities. Another student was quoted as stating, “One thing I learned about myself is,  I’m willing to learn new things.”  

This program taught participants to analyze media influence and produce new media (blogging and podcasting) for social change. They received hands on training in  conducting interviews, using audio & video recorders, editing audio, and the overall podcast production process, lead by professional journalist for the BBC and NPR, Joanne Griffith. Students also learned to build this blog, essentially a website for their program, to share their voices throughout the digital landscape. From this experience, one student learned that, “the tools that are needed to succeed are all around us”.  

Students plan to expand this site and they’re own civic engagement initiatives to more communities. They want to identify the problems of the world AND “be the change.”

From our Podcast Production Facilitator:


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